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Delve deeper with me...

Favorite colors: deep earthy tones- navy blue, emerald green, dark oranges and reds

My free time is filled with: photography, yoga, reading, community outreach, being a tourist in my own city

Favorite cuisines: Mediterranean, Mexican (if you really make me choose!)

Drink: champagne, tequila & tonic, full-bodied wines

Non-alcoholic: sparkling water, tea

Book genres: poetry, memoir, social / cultural commentary

Favorite art styles: Impressionism, Surrealism

Things that fill me with joy: beautiful stationery, tart desserts, cuddling, mountainous views, a man in a suit

Favorite flower: daisies

If I had to describe myself in 3 words: bubbly, dependable, adventurous


The best gift is time with you, but I always appreciate a thoughtful cherry on top.

Marigold Wishlist

Gift Cards to Nordstrom, Fleur Du Mal, or Bordelle

Donate to Planned Parenthood or Red Canary Song

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